Fall Toddler Outfit and Almost 2 Update

This little one has been giving us a run for our money lately!!  She has definitely shown us that she has a mind of her own!  It's still hard to believe that next weekend she will be 2.  I still look at her in awe that she is my daughter. Now that she is starting to show her personality more and wants and dislikes, some days seem to be more challenging than others.  Something that I find I have to remind myself of a lot, is pick your battles.  You always hear follow through or they will take advantage of you.  While this is very true, I also see that somethings are okay.  If she isn't safe or it isn't something that is good for her health then I'm going to tell her no.  At this age, she is still trying to understand the world and it can be so tough for them!   I have to remind myself that just because I don't want her to, doesn't always mean that she can't.  She is her own person :(


Here she is walking into the store all Miss Independent!


And here is is running away from me :)  She has been running away and turning around and smiling and laughing.  It's cute and adorable and hard not to laugh, or sometimes scream ;)


Long-sleeved tee:  Old Navy

Quilted Skirt:  Old Navy

Moto Boots:  Gap