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A little pep talk for your Friday

Rachel IbbisonComment
A little pep talk for your Friday

Do you find yourself talking about your dreams all day, fantasizing about what your life will be someday??  But then when it comes down to it, you sit in overwhelm and have no idea where to start?  Do you constantly find yourself saying I'll start Monday, only to find yourself in the kitchen Monday night starving and grabbing the bag of chips?? 

If you can relate to this I have two answers for you, 1--It doesn't have to be so hard 2--You can't do this alone. 

I have been in the fitness industry for quite some time.  I have learned a ton about my body.  I have worked with numerous fitness coaches, life coaches, doctors, and business coaches to transform the way I listen to my body, and listen to my thoughts. Nothing happens overnight--and if their telling you it does, they are lying!  Yes, we can transform our bodies in 30 day, 16 weeks, etc.  But the real work and the real transformation needs to come from our mind and our emotions--how we react to situations. 

It takes works, friends. 

You need more than just the decision--you need more than just the plan--you need the support, and better yet, you need to be honest and tell the truth when you are struggling.  You need to dive deep into your life--your mindset and how you view yourself. 

That is where your life will transform.  You have to be willing to say yes to yourself.  You have to be willing to not give up when the shit hits the fan.  You have to be willing to keep going when you are trudging through mud and you feel like life can't get any harder. 

It doesn't happen overnight. In fact I'm still transforming.  We are all transforming everyday into a better "me." We are all a work in progress. 

And that is why so many people talk about living a healthy lifestyle. 

There is no quick fix to life.  Stop looking outside of yourself for the answer.  You have the answer.  You are the only person that can make that change.  You are the only one that can change your mindset and emotions.  YOU are your own life changer.  YOU are the one.  Joining a program or hiring a coach will certainly help you get there faster, but in the end it's up to YOU. But here's the thing.  I would never want to make mindset or body transformations alone. 

It's tough work, my friend. 

So what's it going to be?  Who are you going to chose?  Choose you.  Do what intrigues you.  Sign up for the program.  Sign up with the coach.  Say YES to yourself.  But please, don't believe that it is going to be simple.  Don't believe it's going to be easy.

But, man does it feel good to say, I'm doing it.  I'm in it.  As Brene Brown says, "I'm in the arena."

And I'm so glad I am.

Choose YOU.  Choose something with the intention that you are going to show up for yourself every damn day.  Don't abandon yourself.  I've done it too many times.  It doesn't feel good.  It doesn't bring me my desired emotions.  God created you as the divine person that you are.  Love yourself.  Show up for yourself.  Commit to yourself. 

You are worth it.


Much Love,

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