Item 1 I'm always looking for ways to make my week easier.  It's hard to fit everything in as a busy mom.   If I'm not prepared for the week, all of the tasks for me seem to be pushed to the side. The more we do over the weekend to prep ourselves, the easier the week will be.  Here is what I've found helps me stay sane during the week.

1. To do list

If you know me, this is one of my biggest tasks I do everyday.  I really love hand written lists, but I have moved to mostly my phone, as I can't keep my head on straight lately, but I never forget my phone, so there lies a million lists on my favorite app, Paperless.  There is a lite version if you want to try it out first before purchasing it.  I have tons of running lists, but I always have a list for each day of the week.  I make the list the night before so I know what I absolutely need to get done the next day.  Of course items get pushed back and get moved to the next day, but it helps me remember what I need to get down.  It's a way of dumping my brain :) 2. Map out meals

This is a big one.  Every Sunday morning, this is my ritual.  I sit on the Ipad before Little K gets up and I plan out what I'm going to cook for dinner every night of the week.  This makes sure that I buy what I need to at the store, and we have enough food for dinner every day of the week. 3. Pick out outfits

I like to pick out my outfits for the week.  If I don't, I have such a hard time getting ready in the morning.  I also pick out LIttle K's outfits so she can see what she is going to wear.  This has helped with the battle of getting dressed in the morning.  It doesn't always work, but it definitely helps me stay organized and not  frivolously looking every where for something for her or I to wear.  Picking out the outfits also mean accessorizing them as well.  That way it's done, and all you have to do is shower, and mindlessly get dressed.  This has helped tremendously, since Little K does not like to sleep in anymore. 4. Make a big meal for extra leftovers

Sundays are our days to cook a big meal.  Lately it has been chicken noodle soup, as it is SO yummy, and it makes a ton.  Anything you make, double the recipe, so you have leftovers for lunch, or if you get stuck in a jam and can't cook one night.  None of us eat out during the day, so we depend on meals from home.  This makes it so much easier and less stressful if we know there is something to grab in a pinch. 5. Grocery shopping

This is a must for our family.  If I don't do this over the weekend, everything is off.  Ordering groceries online are so helpful for us busy moms.  I love it because it saves the order from the week before, so I can easily order our staples.  This saves so much time and energy in the long run.  Plus having a fully stocked refrigerator and pantry helps set you up for success. 6. Communicate with your partner your plans for the week

This is a big one, now that we have Little K.  Everything needs to be communicated!  I've been horrible at writing things down on the calendar lately, so what we have found that helps, is going over what the week is going to look like so we are on the same page, and we know what to expect.  If you can't tell, we are both type a personalities, and we really enjoy structure.  It's helpful to let each other know what needs to get done during the week. 7. Wash veggies and fruit

This is a big one.  We do our best to buy all organic, but as you know, sometimes there just isn't the option.  Even when we buy organic, I soak my veggies and fruit in water and vinegar.  Have you ever thought about how many people touch your fruit and veggies before they get to your house???  YUCK!!!  Doing this when you get the groceries saves so much time during the week. 8. Map out your workouts

This always helps me stay accountable, and ready to tackle the week.  If I know when I plan to get my workout in, I will be more likely to stick to it.  I can prep myself in my head what body parts or what type of workout I plan to do.

What do you do over the weekend to make your week smoother?  I'm always looking for ways to make our busy lives easier!  Leave a comment and share what works for you!!



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