Tank-this one was a hand-me-down, but loving this one too!!

Necklace (gift from my bestie)

Skirt - Non-Maternity and ON SALE!!!  (I just pulled it higher than it normally sits)


How far along?:  31 weeks!! Gender:  It's a boy!!!!

Maternity Clothes:  Yes! Besides some clothing that I have made work while being pregnant, like the skirt above!!! My Bestie just lent me a bunch of her maternity clothes for the last couple of months, which was so exciting, as I really don't want to purchase too much more since I won't be wearing it for very long!!!

Sleep:  Starting to wake up more often throughout the night.  Definitely haven't had a consecutive night sleep in a while!!!  This guy has definitely made sleep a lot better and more comfortable lately!!!

What do I miss?:  Eating without heart burn!!!!!!  It seems everything I'm eating these days gives me heartburn, no matter what!! Even a banana gave me heartburn the other day!!!!!!!

Cravings:  Not much, but I seem to be on an egg kick lately.  Hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelet, you name it!!!!

Symptoms:  I have been feeling great, although this heartburn is unreal.  All day every day.  I keep dreaming of the day my throat isn't on fire all day long.  Soon enough, right???  I'm also moving a bit slower than normal, but plugging along the best I can!!

Exercise and nutrition:  I'm still plugging along!  Workouts are definitely not crazy.  I went running about a week ago, and I'm not sure I will go again until after he comes. :(  It was extremely uncomfortable for me in my lower stomach and bladder, so light cardio is where I will stay along with my weights and prenatal yoga.  Although yoga seems to be a lot of discomfort as well with my heartburn.  Anything where I was laying down or hanging my head down I had to skip.  I'm just going with it and listening to my body :)

On my mind:  We have a lot to do with his nursery and to get prepped.  I know it will all get done.  It's just so funny as so many people told me it would be so different with your second.  I guess because I know I really don't need half of the stuff I had set up for Little K when she came, so that is not pushing me to move any faster.  I'm excited to meet him and can't wait for the snuggles, and holding him with his little tiny newborn butt in the air--I love the way newborns lay in our arms that way :)  I'm not looking forward to the long nights, especially because Little K is an early riser!!  Hoping and praying that this little boy sleeps a little better at night than his sister!  It still doesn't seem real to me that we're having a boy at all.  It's surreal, especially after everything we went through.  We really are having a baby boy, and we really will be a family of 4!!!!  Our family will be complete!!!