Do you remember what it feels like to live in complete joy?

Do you find yourself looking in all directions for the next "thing" that is going to make you happy?

Does it even seem possible to be happy right here, right now in this very moment?

I'm here to tell you it is.  It's time we buckle up, face forward, and find our happiness at this present moment. 

Momma, I'm here to help you find your true meaning to become The Happier Mom.  And while we're working on feeling content within, your outer presence will shift. 

When we chase skinny, we fluctuate. When we delve in to work on the root of our habits--that is where the magic happens. 

I'm here to show you; It's possible. 

I used to get myself so worked up about every little detail. I was so focused on what others thought of me that I lost sight of who I truly was.  I used to think that everything needed to be a certain way, and that if they weren't I failed. 

I wanted everything, the marriage, the children, the house, the clothes, the perfect job....I thought I could control it all and I could make all of this reality and then I would be happy.  After struggling for years to get pregnant, and finally becoming pregnant with twin boys we thought we had the answer.  They were then diagnosed with TTTS and we unfortunately lost them at 23 weeks.  My whole world was turned upside down.  My life I realized was not in my hands.  I did not have the control that I thought I was, and the perfection I was seeking was not reality.  We struggled again to get pregnant, but eventually we had our daughter, Kensie, and our son James. 

Yes, it was a happy ending.  We finally had what we had been literally focused on for almost 10 years.  We should be full of bliss, right?  We finally have what we always wanted.  Motherhood, parenthood, it should be a breeze! 

Side note, anyone that says motherhood is always blissful is lying.

Transitioning into motherhood was not an easy one.  I worked so hard to get here, so now what? 

That was when I realized that I was working towards something outside of me to find happiness, instead of finding happiness right here right now. 

We can search and search for happiness in places outside of us, but until we look within, and love the person, the body, and the being that we are--we will always be searching. 

Happiness comes from within. 

Realizing this and changing the way I treated myself has been monumental, and I have never felt better in my body.  When we work on our mind, or body will follow.

It's possible, and I cannot wait to show you how. 

How are you showing up in the world? 

How are you treating yourself?

Grab your coffee and let's be real with each other.  It's time we stop chasing happy and find it in this very moment. 

All views are the personal opinion of the author of The Happier Mom, me.

Much Love,



Rachel Ibbison is a transformational coach. She helps moms find their way to become the happier mom without taking hours away from their family, the most important of all. 

Rachel graduated from UCONN with a bachelors in Psychology.  She earned her masters in Elementary Education along with her sixth year in Special Education. 

Rachel has been an AFFA certified group fitness instructor since 2005 and an ACE certified personal trainer since 2010, as well as receiving her Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification.  Rachel's passion for fitness inspired her to compete in fitness competitions placing top 5 of top 10.  She has been coaching, training, and coaching women for over 10 years.

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